domingo, 23 de outubro de 2011

Debora Pacheco Career

For 10 years, the choreographer and dancer Paranaense Debora Pacheco, has a career filled with big prestigious jobs in Brazil, as in the Unidos.Fundou Group Dance Afro-Indian-Brasileiro8 Triboh Brazil *, who works with choreography based on the technique Samba mixed with Jazz and Modern, in order to show the American public and other countries, an unprecedented way to see Brazil through the Dança.Debora Pacheco also producer and director and musical eeventos d, 3 consecutive years has directed the Miss Use Mirim in Brazil which was apioneira in New Jersey.E produced with great success for the local community 3 Dance Festivals that gave the public what to say amreicano.Seu talent has been expanding for the group without parar.Coreografou Shekinah (Salvation Army Church) , awarded first place in the championship four years in a row. (d Eastern Territorial Championship eDança Gospel). Debora Pacheco choreographed beautifull singer and presenter for Eliana, the program everything is possible, the singer Mara wonder, and singer and presenter Paula Netinho Program's Sunday people, Interncional by Rede Record, and was very prestigious in the first Brazilian Celebration 2005, also coordinates Massachussets.debora waterways and models and dummy, directed music videos and vrai types of ballroom dancing with emphasis as Belly Dance, Tango and Flamenco Dance Bollywood.Está always perfecting courses at the Broadway Dance Center, jazz, and Hip Hop Theater, with choreography by famous artists such as Jermaine Browne (choreographed J. Lo * * Do not cost a Thing, Brian Friedman (choreographer for Britney Spears Slave * u *), and Darrin Henson (choreographer award by MTV Music Awards 2001/J.LO). Debora is preparing for surprises and novidadaes to the public of Brazil and USA

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